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Value Exampl/Descrip
Controller frequency:


0.000001Hz - 1000MHz

Required delay:

20  0,02  0.000001  237

True delay: us | мкс The Resulting Delay
Number of nested loops:
Period: 0.25

us | мкс

Maximum possible delay: 65409.5 us | мкс Depend on controller frequency and number of nested loops
Minimum possible delay: 2 us | мкс
Pressing no often than once every 5 seconds
Press the button CALCULATE

AVRDelayCalculator creator of source code Assembler, time delay function for 8-bit microcontroller AVR.
The result delay is relevant to the area code from 'DelayX' to 'ret' directive inclusive. Dynamic elements are highlighted in light blue.
Controller frequency (MHz) is a real number. If the frequency of the internal RC or quartz, for example, 8 MHz and the prescaler is set to 8, the frequency of controller set to 1 MHz. The range 1Hz - 1GHz step 1Hz, that corresponds to the entry: 0.000001 - 1000 (MHz).
Required delay (ms, ms, s) be a real number, you can set a nanosecond.
True delay is a real number, correspond to the actual delay to control calculating.
Number of nested loops when 0 one cycle without attachments, when 1 one loop nested within the other, 2, 3 similarly.
Auto select is automatic selection of the necessary and sufficient number of nested loops to implement the desired delay.
If necessary, additional delays to push pop, SREG, call, rcall consider yourself.
Calculating the coefficients produces a device connected to the server

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